Toddlers: Creators and Adventurers

Toddlers: Creators and Adventurers

Imagination Campus Ages and Stages

Toddlers: Creators and Adventurers

Creators:  12 months to 18 months

Student to teacher ratio 5:1

  • Emergent Early Literacy: We teach through age appropriate stories and rhymes, plentifully available books, joyfully repetitive story reading, and labeling objects and items throughout the classroom.  Through these simple practices, our toddlers begin to discover and demonstrate understanding of what the books are about and can request favorite books, perform actions in a book, and “babble” the words of the book.
  • Language EXPLOSION: Our toddler’s word bank is growing by leaps and bounds. Our philosophy is to help and aid our toddlers with their vocabulary and language skills in any way we can. Not only are sign language, Mandarin and Spanish used in the class, but the emphasis on “using words” is a priority in the classroom. Our teachers speak clearly and simply, using real words and sentences. In addition, when the children speak to us, we repeat back what we have understood and we expand on their vocabulary and sentence structure. In addition, reading storybooks, rhyming verses and singing songs all play a part in the language development of a toddler.
  • Toddler Reasoning:  We believe play creates learning opportunities and experiences that are essential for connecting a child to the world around them. It is through this connection that reasoning takes place. We not only provide open-ended toys, but also let the children get messy when they play because this is how children learn best. In addition, our teachers promote reasoning skills by setting examples. They are always running a dialogue on what they are doing and why they are doing it. The children listen and learn from watching and imitating. Although our toddlers live “in the moment”, they can use restraint, have great memory skills and are eager to take risks. Combine these attributes with a loving classroom environment and your child will have the tools for success.
  • Mathematics:  Finger plays, counting songs, music and movement, art, manipulatives and keeping an organized classroom all play a critical part in providing a strong mathematical foundation for our toddlers. Specific age appropriate open-ended toys are also available for play, which promote building, spatial skills, pattern recognition and logic, all essential for our toddlers’ mathematical foundation.

Adventures: 18 to 24 months

Student to teacher ratio 6:1

  • Developing Early Independence:  Our teachers provide a loving and caring environment, which helps children develop a sense of trust. It is because of this trust that our young Adventurers now have the confidence to want things their own way. Instead of framing this budding independence as “stubbornness” or the “terrible twos”, we look at this new developmental milestone as an opportunity to nurture their growing independence. We set clear age appropriate boundaries within the classroom, yet consistently provide the children with a choice within those boundaries. We reinforce self-care and self-expression, always praising what the child does for her/himself.
  • Gross Motor Coordination:  Our little ones are developing skills to control their bodies. We nurture this development in many ways throughout the day. In addition, we use the stairs each time we go outside to play, and practice our balance and coordination through sporting activities in our indoor and outdoor play areas. In the classroom and music room we act out stories and songs with movement while imitating new and exciting motions! We constantly provide opportunities and encouragement for our children to move freely. With our large campus, classrooms, indoor gross motor area and outdoor playground, we can provide safe open play spaces for our energetic children to move about and grow to their full potential.
  • From Babble to WORDS: Together with our nurturing environment and well planned out days, our children’s vocabulary and speech are consistently stimulated. We want to know what your toddler is trying to say, so we encourage conversations, singing songs, playing games and reading and acting out story books.
  • Fine Motor Skill Development: Our advanced toddlers are stacking, sorting, opening and closing, dumping and pouring and doing just about anything to move and work those fingers, hands and wrists!  Our classroom, science globe, art globe and outdoor play area, all possess a wide variety of materials and activities for our toddlers to nurture this fine development!