Science Theme of the Month

Monthly Science Theme

Our monthly planned science explorations provide a meaningful context for campus-wide experiences and activities. Used in conjunction with spontaneous discoveries, our children engage in hands on science that is not only fun, but also stimulates, develops and supports emerging skills across the developmental domains.

Our active and curious children can find science just about anywhere they go; in the playground, through water and sand play, making play dough, rolling toys down a ramp and building with blocks. Our skilled teachers reinforce children’s curiosity through discussion while focusing on inquiry based science skills such as: observation, collection of data, measurement, classification, prediction, comparisons, making connections and applying what we learn.

Super Scientists

Pull out your magnifying glass and take peek at what’s coming up for the 2013-2014 school year!

  • Scientific Method – Human Biology –Trees and Animal Habitats
  • Thermodynamics – Astronomy – Light and Shadows
  • Botany – Earth Science – Chemical and Physical Change
  • Magnets – Electricity – Physics

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