Infants: Sparks I and Sparks II

Infants: Sparks I and Sparks II

Imagination Campus Ages and Stages

Infants:  Sparks I and Sparks II

The goal of Imagination Campus’ Infant and Toddler programs is to create a child-centered, developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory and interactive environment that is fun, stimulating and engaging.  Within the Infant program, there are two areas, Sparks and Creators.

Sparks I

Student to teacher ratio 3:1

The Sparks program welcomes infants as young as 6 weeks and offers a multitude of highly stimulating activities in a strictly shoe free environment. This classroom celebrates the sensory-motor period, wherein infants are self-centered and have their first experiences discovering the spaces around them. We foster this by offering tactile, kinesthetic, visual, auditory and postural experiences.

Interactive Environment:

Our Sparks I classroom provides a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for our infants to explore throughout their day. New colors, sights and creations fill the walls of the infant room providing our curious newborns with new discoveries and conversation starters each day. Safe baby toys and objects line the soft mats for exploration. In addition, there are no baby bouncers, swings or other structures in the classroom because we believe the best environment for our infants comes from one on one contact. Our infants are exposed to sign language, Mandarin, Spanish, music, story telling and more!

Physical and Social-Emotional Development:

All infants are held when bottle-feeding to facilitate contact with a nurturing caregiver. The infant room welcomes breast-feeding moms to come in and relax while feeding their infant. Infant feeding is individualized, incorporating the child’s changing developmental needs and individual cues, as well as family preferences. We observe our infants’ cues carefully and help them fall asleep by holding, rocking or singing.

Sparks II

Student to teacher ratio 4:1

In Sparks II we prioritize Developmental Stage, not Chronological Age

Teacher/Child Daily Interactions:

Our Sparks II classroom provides a safe and welcoming environment. In order to give our infants the proper experience of their world, we will challenge and support them to discover what they imagine is possible. We read to them throughout the day, which in turn, enhances their vocabulary, attention span, and social skills. Reading aloud to babies is very important, as it helps teach them about communication. In addition, our teachers introduce concepts such as stories, numbers, letters, colors, and shapes in a fun and playful way. At Imagination Campus, we believe it’s never too early to begin building listening, memory and vocabulary skills!

  • Planting The Seeds of Independence

At the 6 months to 12 months stage, we begin to see the development of individual independence. Among some of the milestones we see are the progression from crawling to walking to running, from a bottle to a Sippy cup, and from baby food to the introduction of table foods. In addition, our babies are now sitting in chairs with trays, eating family style with their teachers and friends.

  • Elements of Structure

Our babies now maintain a naptime routine. This structure is needed because our little ones are active and need rest for optimal growth and potential. Our babies take two naps during the day. At this age, pacifiers are slowly being removed.