Cultural Awareness


The classrooms at Imagination Campus celebrate and welcome diversity! Each month, we chose different activities and or celebrations to show the children there are a lot of different types of cultures in the world and also within their own country, and that they are all valuable.

Gratitude Luncheon

Our Third Annual Gratitude Luncheon is Wednesday, November 27, 2013 at 12:30! The preparation for this wonderful celebration has already begun!

During the month of October, we started a school wide collection of toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Our teachers and the children will soon begin constructing a Gratitude Tree, out in lobby, using this collection of paper towel rolls!

Next, we’ll make available some special paper leaves. We’ll call these the Leaves of Gratitude. These leaves are part of the meaningful tradition of Thanksgiving. We can never show enough gratitude toward each other, and the purpose of this simple tradition is to add to the splendor of the Thanksgiving Luncheon.

Once the leaves are made, we’ll ask everyone – parents, children, staff, visitors – to take a moment to write at least one thing he/she is grateful for on a leaf. Then we’ll have you hang the leaf on the tree as a gesture of giving thanks.

We can’t wait to see you at our Luncheon!