Ancillary and Enrichment Activities: Campus-Wide Offerings

Ancillary and Enrichment Activities: Campus-Wide Offerings

Ancillary and enrichment activities are implemented by trained specialists and classroom teachers, and they aid our children’s physical, cognitive, social, emotional and language development. Aside from all that good stuff, it’s just plain fun! Arts and enrichment are a part of every class’s daily routine at IC, not just the preschool program. Check out our enrichment in action at Imagination Campus!

Language and Training

Mandarin and Spanish:  Why Foreign Language? Our foreign language program seeks to capitalize on the “parrot principle” by exposing children to language instruction in Mandarin and Spanish, two of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Research has shown that learning a second language is outstanding training for the brain and results are best when children start early. All of our children are instructed in both languages weekly and are treated to the sounds of Mandarin and Spanish through song in our embedded music curriculum.

Sign Language: Sign language is taught starting in the Sparks and Creators classrooms. Our experience confirms what research indicates, that when infants learn sign language, they possess a powerful educational tool of earlier communication. Frustration and outbursts are lessened because children learn to communicate their wants and needs in advance of their ability to physically pronounce the words associated with those needs.

Music and Movement: Our children are immersed in the music experience not only during music class time, but also throughout the day. We have a selective repertoire of music we play in the classrooms because having a variety of genres, using music as a compliment to the classroom instruction, transition and napping times, is not only beneficial to their development but can also be a soothing experience. During music class, our trained music professional uses her extensive music experience to promote the importance of the use of repetitive songs and patterns, steady beats and expression of feelings. Our program gets the children singing, moving, participating in games and rhythm echoes all while enhancing listening skills, developing the sense of rhythm, and familiarizes children with vocal music, basic instrumentation and a variety of instruments.

Science Lab:  Our objective is to harness their natural curiosity and satisfy the children’s need to explore on every sensory level. Teacher-directed and child-directed activities are available in the science globe. Basic concepts of biology, earth science, chemistry, astronomy and even physics are presented to our toddlers through preschoolers via age appropriate centers and activities. Comparisons, measurements, graphing and experiments are all part of the learning experience. Our goal is an interactive and exciting learning experience, no matter what type of learner a child is- visual, kinesthetic, and auditory or otherwise!

Visual Art: At Imagination Campus we believe that every child has the natural ability to be an artist. The children are given proper tools and resources to create, explore, discover and gain self-confidence. The art curriculum was developed to promote problem solving skills and creative thinking. Activities can all be related to Reading, Science, Math and Writing. Through our course of study, students explore the concepts of line, symmetry, color, texture and contrast and gain exposure to artists from across the globe. What’s more, student projects and products are proudly displayed throughout the campus as we create our own IC Art Galleries throughout the year.

Afternoon Enrichment: Afternoon enrichment is offered during the school year to Imagination Campus children. The programs we offer provide a wide range of recreational activities including Monkeynastix, Soccer Tots, and The Movement Lab. All programs take place on the campus in our large Gross Motor Area. There is no obligation to sign up, but it’s there as a healthy choice for you and your families.


What is Monkeynastix?

  • Internationally recognized as an Absolutely UNIQUE Movement Education Program for children ages 1- 8 in three separate curriculums for ages 1-2, 3-6 and 7-8.
  • A successful International Franchise concept with more than 75 branches in Bahrain, Botswana, Canada, Greece, India, Ireland, Kenya, Mauritius, Turkey, U.A.E-, U.K. , U.S.A, Zambia, Zimbabwe and others.
  • The program is FUN, non-competitive, builds self-confidence and a positive self-image and a strong focus on long-term motivation for a HEALTHY & ACTIVE LIFESTYLE.
  • The Monkeynastix program provides children with a myriad of different movement experiences in different contexts in order for them to discover the unlimited possibilities that exist in physical activity.

How are our unique classes presented?

  • A qualified instructor comes once per week to present 30 minute classes consisting of a warm-up, locomotion activities, cardio fitness, speed and agility, a main activity with specialized equipment and a cool down.

Soccer Tots

What is Soccer Tots?

Our SoccerTots Houston South Enrichment Programs are tailored specifically for daycares and preschools, after-school programs, and private schools. Our Enrichment classes develop social skills and promote physical fitness in a structured and fun way, and they also add great supplemental learning for young children.

SoccerTots Houston South, introduces sports as a fun, social way to get regular exercise while having lots of fun, which is important for younger children. Sports are perfect for developing young bodies for any athletic endeavor. The first stages of athletic advancement entail creating body awareness, strength and fitness. Upon this core, advanced skills and muscle coordination can be developed for any sport.

What We Teach in Class

  • Leadership and self-esteem
  • Aerobic and non-aerobic activity
  • Agility
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Foot-eye coordination
  • Soccer concepts and technique
  • Motor skills
  • Social skills
  • Strength building
  • Proper stretching
  • Educational themes
  • Non-competitive atmosphere
  • Fun, fun, fun!

The Movement Lab, T.O.T.S (Training of Tomorrows Stars)

The Movement Lab’s Primary Division, T.O.T.S, is the beginning of this beautiful journey we know as dance.

The Primary Division is the foundation of The Movement Lab education and teaches students the importance of structure, intention, and artistry.

Young artists, ages 2 through 6, are encouraged to explore while learning form, building a smart and confident dancer.

Vocabulary is introduced to the dancers, allowing an early match of movement to words, which is a significant tool in the training process.

First Step Program is designed for dancers ages 2-4 that are in the beginning stages of their dance training. Creative Movement offers the basics that beginning dancers need to ensure success. Dancers are engaged in attention building exercises, structured movement repetition, and placed in the ultimate movement playground. Our curriculum is designed to fast track our young students’ success.