Who We Are

Want to hear a three-year old sing a song in Mandarin? Interested in visiting a Science Fair brimming with experiments conducted by two-year olds? If so, Imagination Campus is your destination! Move beyond your average day care and forget the typical preschool… at IC, we see, and celebrate, the whole child.

Imagination Campus is a premier preschool and early childhood program for children ranging in age from 6 weeks to 5 years. Divided into seven developmentally focused classrooms, Imagination Campus is founded on relationship-centered care and a research-driven curriculum. Our philosophy of care demands low student-to-teacher ratios, high standards of nutrition, exceptional cleanliness and a compassionate interest in the needs of the whole child.

Latest School News

Science Theme of the Month

Our monthly planned science explorations provide a meaningful context for campus-wide experiences and activities. Used in conjunction with spontaneous discoveries, our children engage in hands on science that is not only fun, but also stimulates, develops and supports emerging skills across the developmental domains. Read More

Reduce, Reuse, Recycling Project

Every month, Imagination Campus students, teachers and families collaborate to create something new out of something old. We save, salvage and collect everyday items and transform them into something extraordinary. Read More

The Weekly Word

The Weekly Word is just one of the ways Imagination Campus keeps parents informed. The Weekly Word provides parents from one classroom or age group an insider’s look at what other great things are occurring up and down the hallway! Read More

Cultural Awareness

The classrooms at Imagination Campus celebrate and welcome diversity! Each month, we chose different activities and or celebrations to show the children there are a lot of different types of cultures in the world and also within their own country, and that they are all valuable. Read More